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We provide Compliance and Due Diligence Software and Services to businesses and consumers

What We Do

CDD Services Ltd provides compliance solutions that are socially useful, outcome driven and intuitive to use – all on a smartphone in the palm of your hand.

We supply:

  • SafeGuarden a safe place that answers the questions: Do I know you? Can I trust you? Are you a good citizen?
  • Consultancy and Managed Services to reduce your compliance costs immediately.
  • Spotlite software that gives you total oversight and control across all your operations.

Our Approach

Our approach and motivation are to work in partnership with others in support of the UK Government’s Safeguarding policy agenda. In addition, we want to work with those internationally who want to advance the UN Sustainable Goals by 2030, specifically Goal 16 - the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

There are many barriers to developing Regulation Technology (RegTech) to enable such a world, though none are technical. They are cultural, legal, political and ultimately power related. Most RegTech is developed to implement regulation, not deliver social change. We believe in a different approach.

In our view, all technology is knowledge. Context and intention are everything. We also understand the importance of culture in making any strategy and change work. Consequently, we set ourselves a challenge: if technologists can make computers so simple that a child can use a smartphone, why can’t we do the same with compliance?

About Us

Led by our founders David Crack and Lisa Pilkington, we are a group of technology, HR, banking, compliance, academic and former law enforcement specialists based in Manchester, UK. Using our combined experience across multiple disciplines, we have designed a software package and suite of services, available in the palm of your hand, which we believe can act as a catalyst for positive engagement and interaction between people and organisations. As part of our ongoing research and development process, we work with globally recognised universities and we seek further partnerships with those who share our aspirations and our humanitarian values.

Associate Programme:

Our associate programme provides access to a wide range of highly experienced specialists in technology, HR, compliance, change and transformation, customer contact, quality control and assurance, and criminal investigations. All our associates have worked with each other previously and collectively helped us develop, test and market our solutions.

If you would like to know more about our associate programme and are interested in joining our team, please contact Lisa.

Partners and Suppliers:

We work with a number of suppliers to provide comprehensive and commercially flexible CDD digital solutions appropriate to our customers' needs, these include:

DEpressON Logo

We are proud to be working with DEpressOn and the development of their app, aimed at eliminating the stigma associated with depression and other mental illnesses.

Enduring Net Logo

We are proud to be working with Enduring Net to deploy distributed technology and artificial intelligence for humanitarian work – particularly in respect to child labour.

Experian Logo

We have worked with Experian to deliver remediation programmes and on-going monitoring in a number of banks. We utilise Experian’s Background Checking services to support our pre-employment and tenant screening.

GBG Logo

GBG’s ID3global product supports our electronic ID&V capabilities allowing us to access data from 24 countries as well as from Equifax in the UK. We provide a number of preconfigured profiles to support customer’s ID&V needs.

GDS Link Logo

GDS Link’s credit risk management software provides risk analytics capabilities including access to Fraud Screen, the UK's leading solution for identifying, predicting and preventing 'first party fraud'.

Stop The Traffik Logo

We work with STOP THE TRAFFIK, a Human Trafficking Prevention NGO, to help raise awareness and funds to deliver intelligence-led prevention of human trafficking and seek new ways to improve visibility and traceability within corporate supply chains.

The net result: we and our partners seek to deliver to you Software and Services that are socially useful, effective and intuitive to use – all on a smartphone in the palm of your hand.

CDD Services

We deliver compliance and identity management services that address the practical needs of our clients, their staff and their customers. We do this as follows:


Where organisations, communities, individuals and their dependants can verify identities and safely engage with each other. SafeGuarden provides:

  • The RealYou: facilities that enable you to verify the identity of others both online and in the real world
  • The RealMe: a digital wallet that enables business and individuals to build their own identity and reputations
  • IntegrityGateway API and SDK for app developers and online software providers

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Managed Services

Reduce compliance costs immediately. Download our Spotlite apps and start outsourcing your backoffice compliance functions on demand. Our services cover the recruitment, on-boarding and management of employees, tenants, customers and suppliers – including reducing the risk of modern slavery within supply chains. We also operate membership and certification schemes for businesses, clubs and societies.

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Our proprietary compliance management system that underpins both SafeGuarden and our Management Services. You can licence Spotlite to integrate into your own organisation. Spotlite delivers smartphone apps for document and evidence collection and management by front office staff. Spotlite’s back office capability provides oversight and control. The RealYou, RealMe and IntegrityGateway are part of the package.

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