New changes to Employment Regulation

What is changing?

From today, Employers can no longer accept or check a physical BRP, BRC or FWP as valid proof of right to work. This means that holders of BRP, BRC or FWP can evidence their right to work using the Home Office online service only. Presentation of a physical document will no longer be acceptable.

The changes mean additional steps for you:

Spotlite has you covered:

Whether you do a face-to-face manual right to work check or a remote check, Spotlite will guide you and the applicant through the necessary checks.

An applicant provides a photo ID as normal but if they are not a British or Irish citizen, they will be asked to enter a share code. Spotlite will automatically validate the share code with the Home Office and download the Home Office pdf to include in our compliance certificate. You will also be able to download our certificate and the individual documents from our client portal. If the applicant doesn’t know their share code, we have provided a handy link for them to retrieve it.

This change is the first of many that we are rolling out over the summer as we become a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) for Right to Work and DBS schemes. The industry wide certification process starts in the summer, and we have been working with the DCMS and the ICO for over a year now to help organisations future proof compliance and safe data-sharing.

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