A Year on – Did you make a good choice of Right to Work Supplier

We are just over a year into the evolving landscape of the government’s new trust framework, and lessons are beginning to emerge.  It is becoming clear that not all Identity Service Providers are created equal. Are you truly getting value for money and great service; Is the tech keeping pace with govt changes and candidate expectations – Did you choose wisely or are you considering a switch?


There are 50 Identity Service Providers listed on the government website, GOV.UK but not all offer solutions for Right to Work. In addition, Providers of RTW solutions have varying approaches and costs.


If you are considering a change, Here are some ways to evaluate the service provided by your current supplier:


  1. Quality of Service:
    Efficiency and effectiveness are crucial when streamlining Right to Work checks. While most providers offer solutions for British and Irish passport holders, it’s essential to consider whether the provider can support manual checks for those who do not have these documents and link to the UK eVisa system. Quality of service ensures that all employees are correctly verified, regardless of their nationality, and helps to make the process smoother and more reliable.

  1. Compliance Assurance: Navigating Legal Complexities
    Non-negotiable compliance with UK immigration laws demands meticulous solutions. Does your provider prevent discrimination in Right to Work checks? Look for features like assisted access for candidates unable to use PCs or mobile devices, audit trails, and management information (MI) to evidence regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.

  1. Customer Support: Access to responsive and knowledgeable customer support across Identity Service Providers can be inconsistent. Not all of them have expertise in UK Right to Work regulations, and even fewer have direct access to the relevant government departments to stay on top of upcoming changes and provide accurate advice.

  1. Cost vs. Benefit: Transparent and Fair Pricing Ensure your supplier charges fees in line with industry standards. If you’re conducting a Right to Work Check on a British or Irish Passport, you don’t need to be paying more than £2.5, and less if you’re processing a high volume. Watch out for sign-up fees and charges that can erode the value you’re seeking. Doing your research before committing to a supplier is crucial.


  1. Tailored Solutions: Every organisation is unique. Does your supplier offer tailored solutions aligning with your needs and goals? For example, do they offer seamless progression to other services such as imposter checks, DBS, references, qualification checks, and other pre-employment screening services? minimising candidate hassle and data duplication.

As a savvy recruiter, you know better than to ask candidates to jump between systems and duplicate data. This approach could be more efficient and can positively impact the candidate experience and ultimately harm your employer brand. Instead, consider streamlining your recruitment process with a more cohesive and user-friendly system. Streamlining will not only save time and effort but also attract top-tier candidates who are looking for a seamless and professional hiring experience. Expecting the candidate to switch between different systems and replicate data is unreasonable.


  1. Long-Term Partnership: Adapting to Future Challenges It is important to evaluate the long-term relationship potential. Is your supplier proactive in helping you adapt to evolving compliance landscapes and business requirements? More importantly, do they offer solutions that cater to regulatory changes anticipated for next year.  Ensure your solution is future-proof and can accommodate upcoming regulatory changes promoted by the Better Hiring Institute

The recruitment market will rapidly change in the next 3-5 years; please share your experiences and insights on working with your UK Right to Work provider in the comments and explain the factors you consider vital while evaluating their value to your business. 


Conclusion: In the rapidly changing recruitment market, the right choice of a Right to Work supplier can be both a strategic and competitive advantage. Share your experiences and insights in the comments – what factors do you consider when evaluating your supplier’s value?


Further information on RTW guidelines is available on GOV.UK

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