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What does Digital Transformation mean to you?

We are compliance problem solvers. We focus on getting things right first time.
Our Spotlite compliance platform reduces cost, improves your control, and enhances your brand.

More importantly, Spotlite future proofs you from regulatory and technology change. Whatever the government decides, Spotlite adjusts to support the new regulation.

We are part of the ICO Sandbox to ensure leading Data Protection by Design within the new Web 3.0 standards. Be the change you want to be.

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Workforce Management

Safer pre-employment screening, Compliance platform & CRM. Any Device, Anywhere.

Your Data Your Decision

Data Protection and sharing your data and documents under your control. Simple. Safe Secure

Customer Management

Safe and secure Customer Management and AML onboarding services. On any device. Anywhere.

Tailored Onboarding

Simplify your digital transformation. Apps tailored for your customer onboarding at a fraction of the cost.

Why do we need Digital Transformation?

We need to change our behaviour. The UN Sustainable Goals for 2030 are more urgent than ever. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investment portfolios are nudging business to focus on stakeholders and risk management. Achieving these changes requires new standards in the way we do everything. We need to work together to be the change we want to be.

Few people get up in the morning and say ‘today I am going to be compliant!’. But most of us do say: ‘I want to help the world to be a better place’. Changing the way we work does not mean we have to create more meaningless form-filling. That is a design choice. It doesn’t need to be that way.

At CDD Services we co-operate with others to bring about change. We help embed new compliance practices seamlessly into our daily working lives. Put simple, if Apple can design a computer so simple that a child can use a smartphone, then why can’t we do the same with compliance. This requires different thinking.

You know your business and what you want to achieve. We will work with you to develop the leadership and talent you need underpinned by digitally enable processes and tools.

Our mission is to help you improve performance, reduce costs and achieve the change you want to be.
The change we all need to be.

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Change your business future. Build confidence and trust with digital impact. It’s time to adapt.

People who make it happen

We share a vision to deliver regulatory technology that empowers individuals, organisations and communities to work together as one.

David Crack
David Crack MSc, LLA, FICA
CEO & Founder

A business and technology hybrid, with an innovative vision and the focus on transforming how organisations can simplify compliance, risk and financial crime management.

Lisa Pilkington
Lisa Pilkington BA, MBA
Director & Founder

Global leadership consultant to blue chip companies and the CDD HR Director. Our business psychologist and creative culture change champion.

Paul Sandlands
Paul Sandelands
SafeGuarden Director & Founder

Identity and Fraud prevention evangelist with extensive knowledge of OCR, digital transformation, biometrics and data sharing. A data privacy and social good advocate.

Greg Rowley
Operations Manager

With several years of Retail, Facilities and Operations Management, Greg has a strong skillset that has allowed me to focus on excellent customer delivery and support.

Get back to what you do best

We have helped develop leaders within UK leading brands for over 16 years, and successfully delivered global digital transformation and compliance projects to numerous regulated companies.

Our combined experience led to the evolutionary development of our privacy by design compliance platform, Spotlite. Our services keep you, your people, your clients, candidates, customers and their data, even safer and more secure.
Engaging people remotely is now an essential requirement for business continuity. Now with no IT change you can quickly add Spotlite and enable individuals to digitally engage with your business from the safety of their sofa.
We’ll help you evidence compliance and control, deliver quality and help you and your clients to #BounceBackBetter
Why would you do operationalise compliance any other way?
Impress, grow confidence and trust. It’s time to adapt.

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Our technology empowers individuals, businesses and communities to work together as one.