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Providing Customer Due Diligence Services to businesses and financial institutions

What We Do

CDD Services enables companies to conduct profitable business safely. We do this by providing a simple and intuitive risk assessment service to know and verify your customer's identities, protect against reputational damage and reduce the risk of financial loss through failures of policy and regulatory compliance.

What is standard:
Our CDD Managed Service is comprised of standard AML/CTF, Fraud, Credit Risk and Regulatory Risk Controls, processes, procedures, software and multiple data services already available and operational in a number of UK Retail Banks. From this background, we have the people, processes and technology capable of assessing risks across large volumes of customers.
What is new:
Our CDD Managed Service provides a quick, pain-free and holistic risk assessment when opening new customer relationships or when your customer's circumstances change. The outcome is confidence that sales opportunities are identified, internal policies are applied, and the risk of financial loss, reputational damage or regulatory failure is mitigated.

Our Approach

Performing thorough Customer Due Diligence is an essential element to conduct profitable and avoiding reputational damage. We recognise that Customer Due Diligence measures need to be applied on a risk-sensitive basis and the cost of compliance can be expensive.

With this in mind, we have developed an approach that aims to provide the quickest and most effective means to materially assess and address Customer Due Diligence risks. We do this by providing simple and intuitive tools to relationship managers and customer facing staff that link directly to our services to accelerate risk assessments, reduce cost of compliance and collate and store evidence for future inspection.

Our approach delivers:

  • Evidence and traceability as to how an organisation is addressing its CDD risk appetite
  • Senior management oversight and quality assurance of high risk accounts
  • Demonstrable risk and regulatory control though measurement and understanding
  • Cost effective management of inherent risk across the entire customer portfolio
  • Reduced effort to research an individual customer
  • Improved and frictionless customer experience

Our tools, services and approach can be applied when opening new customer relationships, monitoring risks within in existing relationship or remediating an existing customer portfolio where there is not sufficient evidence that CDD has been completed to the required standard.

About Us

CDD Services Ltd is born out of our risk and regulatory experience within UK and International banking. Our approach, methodology and 'know-how' is grounded in years of experience delivering AML solutions for banks internationally and particularly in the UK. We combine traditional and leading edge technology, multidiscipline risk strategies and quality assurance processes with highly skilled investigative and customer services resources to create an innovative and potentially industry changing approach to CDD compliance. Our suppliers have best-in-breed capabilities and skills underpinned by leading people management expertise and international diversity. We are privately funded.

Associate Programme:

Though our long established networks and our new associate programme we have access to range of specialist and highly skilled resources and capabilities in AML analytics, investigation, customer contact, Quality Control and Assurance, change and technology delivery. All our associates have worked well together within a number previous AML Programmes for each of the largest UK Banks. This team is supported by deep knowledge and relationships with Experian Data Services and FICO technology platforms - two of he biggest providers in Financial Crime Detection and Credit Risk technologies. Together with this technology, our core staff and associate programme allows us to scale teams up to the 100+ to provide a proven CDD Remediation and CDD Management Services to our customers.

Partners and Suppliers:

We work with a number of suppliers to provide comprehensive and commercially flexible CDD digital solutions appropriate to our customers' needs. Through our supplier network we offer:

  • Legal, advisory, quality assurance and training
  • Graduate training and placement to manage peaks of activity
  • Field service covering all of the UK
  • Digital and Web services to integrate CDD Services and Solutions into existing business operations
  • All our services are hosted via secure Cloud Services and powered by Experian data services and FICO Tonbeller KYC, Case Management and MI technology

The net result of the above is that we deliver to our customers a CDD Manged Service that is as simple, quick and intuitively to use as the smartphone in the palm of your hand.

Case Study

The geniuses of our approach has taken five years in the making within three leading UK banks and with leading industry suppliers. CDD Services Ltd now makes this approach commercially available for the first time. Here is a case example how our consultants and suppliers worked together to remediate a customer portfolio within a UK Bank.

The bank's lead regulator identified significant control gaps in the bank's financial crime risk management and customer onboarding operating model. These findings were supported by an independent compliance review (by a big four audit firm) and the bank's internal audit. This resulted in the bank undertaking an attestation to embark on a three year remediation program to redress control gaps and remediate its Commercial and Retail back book.

Our management team worked with the bank and devised a remediation program that was structured into three phases:

Phase 1

Establish Risk Appetite, policy and control standards, perform gap analysis, tactically stabilize the on-boarding controls as well as the customer and payment screening controls, de-risk and remediate the highest risk customers particularly foreign and domestic PEPs

Phase 2

Remediate the back book including identification of missing key parties to accounts, performing a KYC Refresh, Reverse Screening the retail, commercial and business books, applying the new control standards and customer risk assessment to the commercial back book and finally remediating the high risk commercial customers. Phase 2 also included stabilizing Transaction Monitoring

Phase 3

Roll out strategic financial crime risk management TOM across the bank

We together with our suppliers and partners provided the complete end to end strategic vision, roadmap, detail plans, operating model, process design, training, quality assurance framework and systems strategy for the bank through all three Phases of the programme. We engaged and orchestrated additional third party suppliers where it was sensible and right to do so in order to achieve the overall objective. We refreshed KYC records for over 4 million individuals, reverse screened the entire retail and commercial customer portfolios for sanctioned and PEPs and completed remediation of 12,000 business and commercial entities. The conclusion of the successful conclusion of the programme enabled the bank to meet its attestation to the FCA. The robust controls left in place enable the bank to maintain the customer portfolio within risk appetite on an on-going basis.

CDD Services


CDD Services provides consultancy for organisations looking to improve their existing Customer Due Diligence processes and systems or considering remediating existing customer files. Our unique approach delivers the very best talent and industry leading suppliers within a highly competitive pricing model.

Interim Management

We offer the highest quality CDD interim management professionals from our extensive associate network built over the years working in the Credit Risk, Fraud and AML arenas. All our associates have worked with each other before and are familiar with our approach and offering.


Where CDD case workers and investigators are required CDD Services can provide experience and proven resources that are excellent value, accurate, fast and reliable. All of our resources have a minimum of three years CDD and KYC experience.

CDD Remediation and Managed Services

Working with our partners and suppliers we can provide digital tools, software and investigators as a complete managed service. All investigations are subject to stringent and independent quality control and quality assurance that will underwrite the quality of output.

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